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Ryan Buell And The Chamber Of Twitch (or What The Hell Is Paranormal Twitch?)

Ryan Buell And The Chamber Of Twitch (or What The Hell Is Paranormal Twitch?)

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen a post or two (or dozens) about "Paranormal Twitch."  The most common response is usually, "what is a paranormal twitch?"  People have asked if it's a new piece of paranormal equipment or some kind of dance (I suppose it's being confused with twerk.  And I assure you, it has nothing to do with twerking).  It's actually a live online channel dedicated to paranormal gaming.

Sometime after I had hip surgery, in June, a colleague of mine, Gracie, along with Serg, suggested an idea called Twitch.  I kept mispronouncing the name, so if you're not familiar with Twitch, don't feel bad.  I'm probably the most uneducated person out there when it comes to games and online gaming.  Serg had even heard of Twitch.

Rising To The Surface

Many people ask where I've been.  Or when will they see my face back on their TV?  Well, the first part I'll answer as best I can.  Doing "Paranormal State" was a massive undertaking and when I informed A&E in 2011 that I would not be returning, it was largely due to exhaustion.  I had been followed by a camera crew since my final moments in college up until my late-20s.  I hadn't known anything else.  And there are other responsibilities that come when you "star" in a hit TV show that happens to be a documentary/reality program.  You're not an actor playing a doctor where you read lines.  I was, and am, a real paranormal investigator.  What you saw in the show were my cases.  The judgment calls and direction the cases went in were by my decisions.  In other words, despite the TV crew, I was working as a full-time paranormal investigator.  Now, add the TV crew and you have another job on top of that.