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  • The Congress Plaza Hotel 520 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL, 60605 United States (map)


Hi guys, Ryan here. So, what’s this event all about? Well, after the success of my Haunted West Coast Tour last summer, I’ve decided to return to a few key cities in 2019. To share my story.

It’s about my journey into the unknown. That includes the paranormal, yes, but it’s about so much more. There are experiences I had as a child that put me on this path. There are the cases I investigated with the Church and on “Paranormal State” that shaped me as the paranormal investigator the world came to know. Then, there was my own personal journey through hell. No other way to describe it. Loss, addiction, my struggles with identity and spirituality and finally, recovery.

I’m returning to Chicago to share my story. I’ll read portions from my book (and yes, talk about some really intense paranormal experiences), but above everything else, this event is really about sharing an experience. And perhaps creating a new one together.

The fan support has always been high in Chicago, and so I feel this is the best place to hold my first event of 2019. And no better place to serve as the backdrop for this event than The Congress Plaza Hotel where I’ve had numerous paranormal experiences. I hope you’ll join me!


We’re offering three different tickets.

The main one is for the meet-and-greet/”lecture.” I assure you I will take the time to meet you before the lecture, sign things or take photos. This event has a small, limited capacity in order to make it more personal.

The next one is the VIP Ticket. We’re offering this for people who are willing to support us a bit more, and in return, get to spend a couple of hours talking before the event. There will be a dinner at the hotel and an option haunted tour, but beyond that there isn’t any formal script.

Lastly, there is the Ghost Hunt add-on. We’ll be investigating parts of the hotel, with groups dividing into two times. You can choose your time in the ticketing section. This will ensure that each group will remain small. We’ll hold a spirit communication session, you are welcome to bring any equipment you desire. The second group will be allowed to investigate with me an extra half-hour longer if they prefer. So, if you want to investigate longer, allow the earlier group to be for people who don’t want to stay up that late. I do genuinely believe that The Congress Hotel is host to paranormal activity, so we will be going to known hotspots in hopes to experience something!

There are some merch add-ons. Obviously we have to try to make some money at these events. People have asked about merch at previous events so we’re offering them online where you can pre-order them and they’ll be there at the event.



THE VIP DINNER & SOCIAL (5:00pm - 7:00pm) - VIP guests will gather for a private, intimate experience with Ryan at The Congress Hotel for a meal and social prior to the main event.

MEET-AND-GREET (7:00pm - 7:45pm) - General attendees will be welcomed into the room for a meet-and-greet, pictures, signings, etc.

LECTURE/TALK (7:45pm - 9:00pm) - Ryan will do a reading from his book, “Paranormal State: My Journey Into the Unknown,” followed by a talk on a few key experiences in his life. The talk will cover demonic cases, his childhood, PRS cases and his struggles with spirituality and addiction and then coming into recovery.

GHOST HUNT/EXPLORATION OF THE HOTEL (9:30pm - 1:30amish) - Ryan will take guests on a personal guided tour and ghost hunt inside The Congress Hotel. Guests will be divided into two groups, with one group going first and the other going at 11pm.


TICKETS (going on sale Monday, December 3rd at 2pm EST)

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