SHADOW-MAN: AWAKENING (special signed edition)

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SHADOW-MAN: AWAKENING (special signed edition)

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Shadow-Man: Awakening, Buell's first fictional book, takes readers into the realm of the supernatural through the eyes of 13-year-old Elston Preston.  Signed by Ryan Buell.  

SPECIAL EDITION: Signed by Ryan Buell.  Now Available.

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420 pages.  Paperback ($50) & Hardback ($100): 6x9 inches.  Signed by author.  10-page illustration/notes insert.  


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It’s not as if Elston Preston would ever lead a normal life.  After all, when he was only four, his parents were killed and civilization nearly annihilated in an apocalyptic battle between the Shadow Kings and the Lightbringers.  Not only that, Elston, along with the rest of the world, were forced in to a deep sleep so they have no recollection of the events.

In their effort to keep the Shadow Kings from taking over, the Lightbringers were nearly wiped out.  It was only thanks to a selfless police officer, and divine intervention, that the final judgment was delayed.  The boy survived, the destruction undone. Only those awake to witness the events know that the world was granted only seventeen years until the definitive battle will take place.

Raised by his aunt, Elston grew into a reclusive, self-conscious tween.  Though only wishing to be left alone, he’s constantly tormented by bullies at Bantam Middle School.

That may seem normal enough, but one day, the strangeness returns in force.

A tap on the head from a jock leaves Elston nearly unconscious.  A mysterious blue liquid seeps from his bruise.  Cornered by the wicked Adam Scarborough and his gang, Elston finds himself impossibly strong, and ripping easily through all five boys.

What has he become?  He has no idea.  It’s as though a switch has been flipped, and the rules have shifted.  He hears voices, sees an elderly man watching from the rafters, looks on in horror as the Lunch ladies lick the trays clean. 

Though Elston’s abilities seem to draw on the shadows, they refuse to appear on command, something he learns the hard way, when trying to test them, he nearly kills himself crossing a busy intersection.

Adam is suspended, but instead of peace, Elston only earns a higher class of enemy – Ryce Frollo, an attorney who seems to own the school, and his son Tony, whose bullying has the support of the principal and staff.

Add to that the rumors of murdered children, a mysterious hidden 3rd floor to the school, and a secret occult project, and it seems the old war is brewing again.

But Elston knows nothing about all that.  He only knows things have changed, he’s somehow in the middle, and his fellow students are in danger.  With the help of Louis Fletcher, his aggressive journalism partner, he struggles to get to the bottom of what’s going on and try to stop it – if he can survive, or at least avoid detention.

Author Ryan Buell knows the veil between worlds well.  A professional paranormal investigator for nearly a decade, his cases have been chronicled on the wildly popular A&E television series, Paranormal State for five years.  His work having garnered millions of viewers and fans, his first book, My Journey into the Unknown (HarperCollins), is currently in its fifth printing and enjoying scores of rave reviews.

Shadow-Man: Awakening, geared toward younger readers, will doubtless appeal not only to his existing fans, but readers of good adventure the world round.