Question-Able: When Will You Return To TV?

Evening everyone.  Every week, I plan to answer some of the most commonly asked questions sent to me.  Here is one that I get quite a lot:

I’m sure you get messages all the time and I hope you’re doing well with your health and I wish you the very best in life and future endeavors!! Do you and the PRS crew have any plans to get the show back on tv? I miss your show! You all worked together so well and made me believe of the afterlife, good and bad! Good luck Ryan, I hope to see you back on tv very soon..

My answer: I am very grateful for the deeply loyal and committed fan base that "Paranormal State" has given me.  After all these years, it has (so far) stood the test of time and is one of the most beloved paranormal "documentary/reality" paranormal TV shows of our time.  

While I visited Lorraine Warren at her annual All Hallow's Eve event, I had a few moments to reflect as I sat at the head table.  Many people had already asked me this very question at the event.  I thought a lot about Ed and Lorraine's career, which entered the public mainstream before even my own parents were born.  The Warrens weren't always on TV or in the media.  But they were always dedicated to their work.  At the age of 22, I landed my first documentary show, "Paranormal State," which chronicled the real-life investigations of my society.  After six seasons/84 episodes, I decided it was time to move on.  Over the next few years, I've taken time off, most of it required for personal and health reasons.  But in that time I did, on occasion, entertain the idea of returning to TV.  I was close to committing to one, but after some reflection, I realized it wasn't the right time.  It ended up being the right call.

To be honest, it's all about the right project, as well as the right time. When it comes to doing a paranormal show, I prefer a documentary style that honors the integrity of our work.  I'd rather wait another five years than do a show and realize, mid-way through, that my heart isn't in it. 

Would I like to return to TV under the right circumstances?  Yes.  But I'm willing to be patient.  I'm quick to remember that my life's work isn't to be on TV.  In fact, I never really had ambitions to star in a TV show.  Many do.  So it's kind of odd to me that fate gave me one. 

Recently, I've had serious conversations about returning to TV.  I'm open to it.  No one should ever be afraid to contact me if they want to discuss a project idea.  In the end, I'll do it if I feel it's the right fit.  And if I find the right project but the networks, production companies, studios nor the public have an appetite for it, that's okay.  I'd prefer to take it in stride. 

There are also other ways to share my/PRS' adventures than on TV.  There are books and even online media opportunities.

The fan base is there.  I have no doubt that if I were to sign on for a TV show and it were to debut tomorrow, many would tune in.  But "Paranormal State" fans have high expectations.  The worse thing I could do is dishonor them by rushing in to something that would disappoint.  At the same time, I don't want to look at returning to TV as the ultimate goal.  If I choose to do another paranormal TV project, it should be because I feel the content of the show will compel audiences and contribute to our culture's interest in this subject.  I recognize that a TV show has to be interesting and entertaining.  But it can also be something more.  Call me an idealist. 

That ideal, however, is responsible for the integrity and passion behind "Paranormal State."  So that shall be my guiding compass.  Maybe next year, maybe in five or ten (or twenty) years, I'll return.  And if I do, just know it's because I believe in it and I feel the people working on it (from production to the network) believe in it. 

All of you also play an integral role.  The growing number of my social media and overall fan base has encouraged me to occasionally entertain the idea.  As long as you, the fans, want me back, I'll always consider it. 

I'm only 33, so who knows what will happen?  Regardless, I'm proud of the projects I've done so far, and excited about what can be done in the future!